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ENJOY IMPROVED PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING – Who doesn’t want to feel better and be happier?

The guided meditations in this 4-CD set are designed to help you sleep better, relax and deal effectively with stress.

DISCOVER HOW TO LEVERAGE YOUR MIND – Learn to link the strengths and desires of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your body for ultimate happiness.

4 GREAT TITLES IN ONE SET – This gift set includes:

“Restful Sleep” – Soothes you into a restful night’s sleep.

“Relax” – Eases stress and anxiety:

“Meditation for Busy People” – Allows you to experience the many benefits of mindfulness.

“Weight Loss” – Recruits your subconscious mind to choose fresh, healthy and nutritious foods while feeling confident and successful as you take good care of your body

GIFT-GIVING FLEXIBILITY – Give the set as a gift, or use the individually wrapped CDs for multiple gift-giving.

POSITIVE REVIEWS – “I rely on this meditation to help me sleep. I no longer have to take sleeping pills.” (Search “Bonnie Groessl” to read reviews for each individual CD.)