Premium BBQ Grill Mats (Set of 2)  Plus FREE Bonus Baking Sheet – Professional-Grade, Non-Stick, Safe PFOA-Free, Perfect Grill Accessories for Year-Round Outdoor and Indoor Healthy Cooking from Healthy Chef Tools (TM)

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GREAT VALUE – Each package includes 2 premium professional-grade grill mats (15.75″ x 13″) and 1 FREE baking sheet. Each grill mat is non-stick and PFOA-free.  Sturdier than many on the market at .20 mm thick, durable enough to use over and over. Use the slightly thinner baking sheet in the oven to give cookies and pizza that perfect crispness with easy clean-up.

USE ON GAS OR CHARCOAL GRILLS – Safe for use on any type of grill or in the oven up to 500 F (260 C). Extremely lightweight and perfect for grilling at home, the park, tailgating and camping. Roll up or lay flat for easy storage or transport.

NO ALUMINUM FOIL NEEDED – Save money and protect the environment at the same time with this multi-purpose, reusable product. The non-stick surface also eliminates the need for cooking oil or spray.

easy_cleaning_altEASY CLEANING – Simply wipe grill mats clean with soap and water. No more scraping grill grates and having metal shavings stick in your food. Extend the life of your grill and give your food an extra layer of protection from the gross grills common in public areas.

COOK LIKE A PRO – Helps food retain its flavor without drying out. Perfect for cooking steaks, burgers, brats, hot dogs, fish, vegetables, even eggs and pancakes. Holds sauces, marinades and your food’s natural juices without dripping through the grates. Leaves perfect grill marks.

Your Search For the Perfect Cooking Accessory For Your Grill Is Finally Over

  • When you purchase the Healthy Chef Tools Grill Mats, here is what you should do:
  •  When the Amazon box arrives at your door, rip it open and check out how light and sturdy the mats are.
  • You will have in your hands the perfect cooking surface for grilling at home, the park, tailgating or camping.
  • Cook dinner tonight and notice how the grill mats help foods retain their natural juices and nutrients without drying out. Now you can use your favorite sauces and marinades without having them drip through the grates.
  • Wipe clean with soapy water. Lay flat for easy storage and immediate use over and over again.

     What Separates Healthy Chef Tools Grill Mats From the Competition?

  • It’s actually quite simple. It starts with the PFOA-free material. PFOA is a man-made chemical often used in non-stick coatings for pans and cookware.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, studies have found that people with workplace exposure to PFOA have higher risks of bladder and kidney cancers.
  • No worries – our mats are PFOA-free.
  • BAKING 2Double Your Pleasure With a FREE Baking Sheet
  • We have included a FREE baking sheet that will help you bake perfect cookies with a slightly crisp bottom
  • Also usable on BBQ grills
  • Same easy clean-up as the grill mats

How’s This For a Guarantee?

We’re so confident that you’ll like your Healthy Chef Tools Grill Mats that we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back. No questions asked.

So order now, and when you do, consider getting two – 1 for you and 1 for your best friend.
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Safety Tips

  • Do not use directly over open flame, heat source or broiler, or on the broiler setting.
  • Do not cut food on the mats as sharp objects may damage the surface.
  • Do not place on bottom floor of oven. Do not touch to walls of oven.
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack. For best results, wipe clean with soapy water and a cloth.
  • Grill mats and baking mat will be hot to the touch upon use.
  • Use hand protection when removing from a hot grill or oven.

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty – We offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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